Digital Listening

Digital Listening aims to measure and understand what is being said about a person, location, organization, product or event on the Internet. It allows the automatic gathering of textual content from different sources such as online news, social media, blogs or websites. Based on natural language processing technology, it is capable of automatically detecting and classifying the entities to be monitored in the collected text, extracting their relations and mining opinions about them.

Its technological components are multilingual and can be adapted to any domain with minimal effort. Thus, the Digital Listening solution can be exploited in different application scenarios such as marketing, surveillance, computational journalism or political and social sciences.

MARKETING | Speeding up online reputation monitoring

With the rise in use of social media and the popularity of user-generated reviews, it is an increasing challenge to monitor customer opinions to new products and services. This solution automates the extraction of relevant information (facts, relationships, opinions) from a wide range of online sources, speeding up the reputation monitoring process.

SURVEILLANCE | Supporting intelligence extraction from online sources

Intelligence agencies exploit open online sources to collect and analyze valuable and targeted information relating to counter-terrorism and criminal networks. However, uncovering relevant information from a vast amount of irrelevant text can be difficult and time consuming. This solution supports human analysts to quickly and accurately prioritise which documents are worth reviewing and finding insights.

COMPUTATIONAL JOURNALISM | Automating online news analysis

The increasing amount of digital news content produced every day makes it challenging to describe and analyse such wealth of information. This solution enables to gain insights from the vast haystack of digital news content in a more productive way.

POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES | Enabling the quick study of online text

People share their social lives and political opinions. Governments publish the minutes of meetings and the text of legislation. Newspapers recount political events in daily publications. Billions of words are shared every day. This solution allows to analyse political and social phenomena at a big scale and any area.

Hotel Reputation Monitoring

An online reputation monitoring solution has been developed, adapted and transferred to the Hotel domain. This solution enables to monitor online guest reviews of hotels in a single feed, sorted according to sentiment. It also allows to easily gain insights regarding the strengths and weaknesses and to find out more valued issues by the different guest segments.