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Speech and Natural Language Technologies

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VICOMTECH – Member of Basque Research and Technology Alliance BRTA

Our research team develops advanced speech and language processing techniques mainly to transfer innovative applications to the language industry. We meet multi-sector needs for both, human-machine interaction and/or multilingual multimedia content management for the information society.

The team has participated in and coordinated industrial research projects at a regional, national and European level since 2001.

It collaborates with universities and other research centres on basic strategic research into language technologies, and it is a member of the Langune association for leverage of the language industry in the Basque Country.

The team has taken part in Spanish and European industrial projects in the fields of digital security, audiovisual subtitling, documentary source management or spelling and grammar correction.

Its highly technology-oriented nature facilitates research and development of innovative applications in different sectors such as audiovisual, biomedical, tourism, leisure & entertainment and industry.

Team members include doctors from internationally renowned universities specialising in the main lines of research, researchers in doctoral training and developers.

Our team

Speech and Natural Language Technologies

VICOMTECH – Member of Basque Research and Technology Alliance BRTA

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