Voice Cloning

Next generation of synthetic voices using AI


Automatic voice cloning aims to generate synthetic voices very similar to an original voice. Based on deep-learning techniques, this technology takes advantage of a set of audios of the original voice in order to train a model capable of generating new audios that sound alike.

Our voice cloning technology is language and gender independent, and can be quickly and easily customized to a specific or familiar voice.

Nowadays, voice cloning is being increasingly demanded by the market due to its interesting and varied applications, which include conversational assistants, smart speakers, dubbing, digital characters, gaming, audiobooks, navigation systems or voice branding. This technology helps automate and personalize many tasks carried out in these type of applications and domains.


Realistic Voice Cloning

Generation of high quality and realistic voices using deep learning techniques

Fast Decoding

Fast generation of voices to operate in real time scenarios and natural interactions

Customization & Adaptation

The technology can be customized to generate the appropiate voice style for each application and domain

API for Developers

Developers and companies can easily create and integrate the voices in their products and solutions


Smart Assistants

Voices of smart assistants sound increasingly natural due to the advancements in the AI field of text-to-speech technology. Voice cloning allows their personalization, through the use of specific or favorite voices to develop customized conversational assistants

Digital Dubbing & Animation


Voice cloning makes it possible to create identifiable voices for unique digital characters or avatars in human-computer interaction systems or for the production of multimedia and audiovisual contents

Voice Branding



Use your personal and particular voice as the main brand of your company within your conversational assistants and marketing activities






Take the opportunity to synthesize millions of audiobooks without human participation and including your favourite voice


Voice examples

“Batxilergoa amaitu ondoren, medikuntza ikasketak egin zituen”





¨Kapitulu bakoitzak bi zati ditu, meditazio-ipuina lehenbizi eta ipuin-jolasa jarraian.¨

¿Crees que ha renunciado a una cubertería de plata, candelabros, bandejas y fruteros?






¨A pesar de que Estados Unidos haya levantado durante tres meses el veto a Huawei, la marca china se enfrenta ahora a un reto gigante.¨


¨Igualment, la regulació de la conservació de la història clínica permetrà resoldre casos que, a hores d’ara, van arribant d’un en un.¨




¨Es va acostant l’estiu, i això es notarà clarament entre avui i demà.¨



“The invention of movable metal letters in the middle of the fifteenth century may justly be considered.”






¨Food production and manufacturing are among sectors allowed to be open.¨


Success stories

This example of voice cloning constitutes a great scientific-technological challenge that Vicomtech has solved using artificial intelligence technologies applied to speech processing. XRey is an exclusive Spotify podcast produced by The Story Lab that reviews the lights and shades on the figure of the king emeritus. Franco’s cloned voice has been generated exclusively for two key moments in the script and the bonus track, which explains how its creation process has been.