Smart Dialogue Systems


Smart Dialogue Systems are one of the most disruptive and enabling technologies in Artificial Intelligence. This new generation of solutions enable natural interaction with machines, such as computers, smart speakers, collaborative robots, gadgets…

Thanks to recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, the practical application of technologies is increasingly feasible, improving Human Computer Interaction or the processing and use of digital content in multiple languages.

Additionally, recent advances in Speech Recognition and signal processing, along with powerful Deep Learning architectures, allow users to interact with this technology through voice, unlocking several applications where ergonomics and mobility are key factor (nursing homes, smart factories, automobile industry, …)


Natural Language Understanding

Decoding of the semantic meaning of users’ input and extraction of relevant entities from it

Dialogue Management

Intelligent multi-turn memory management and contextualised decision making according to custom ERP/CRM/DB and APIs to select the next response

Natural Language Generation

Transformation of the response to natural rich-responses taking into account external services, the communicative goals and the communication channel

Multimodal Dialogue

Synchronization and information exchange with multi-modal systems (Video, AR, Mixed Reality, Cobots, …) for an enhanced interaction experience



  • Assistants to support and accompany users in their daily life

  • Perform natural and automated questionnaires for patient follow-up

  • Register health information using hands-free interfaces

  • Provide timely reminders for users (e.g., drug intakes, medical appointments, and so on)



  • Support the Operator 4.0 in industrial processes and tasks

  • Find information in Knowledge Bases and Handbooks

  • Register information through voice in quality check processes

  • Interact with Collaborative Robots


Public Administration


  • Help citizens with administrative tasks and duties

  • Answer frequent questions

  • Receive and redirect feedback from the citizen




Personal Assistants


  • Monitoring users’ lifestyle

  • Setup their agenda, reminders

  • Personal and Secure interactions

  • Gather information from dynamic sources (Social events, Weather, …)                                                                                     


Use Cases


A Spoken Dialogue System that helps geriatric nurses to easily register their daily tasks information

Compared to the traditional use of computers installed at specific control points for information recording, RESIVOZ’s hands-free and mobile nature allows nurses to register their activities in a natural way, whenever and wherever is needed. Besides the core spoken dialogue component, the presented prototype system also includes an administration panel and a mobile phone App designed to visualise and edit resident caring information.


Virtual Assistant based on Artificial Intelligence


Natural Language Technologies applied to Industry